Saturday, November 12, 2005


A question that comes back often, how long until we get sued by Nintendo?

Hmm I have to wonder... Are Mario, Andy Warhol and Che Guevara going to have a fight about it? What will be the weapon of choice for each, an SNES controller, a bucket of paint and guerilla warfare?

It seems that we're all getting along fine so far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy would win.

Blogger xadai said...

Can you send me a good resolution picture of Mario Che? My email is

Thanks :)

Anonymous eckabeck said...

oh goodness. your che-mario mashup is amazing, and fits my boyfriend and I perfectly. he's a computer science major and a nintendo nut, and I'm a studio art major who LOVES pop art, especially warhol. I saw this on etsy and nearly wet myself it made me so happy. and personally I think andy would win, but mario would put up a good fight...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Che would obviously win. He would march Warhol and any other opponents past El Paredón, the reddened wall against which he had so many innocents killed. Or maybe he would administer the Coup de Grâce himself as was his predilection, the bullet to the back of the neck of those unfortunate enough to be among his enemies.


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