Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linked on BoingBoing!

Ok I'm seriously freaking out here, our Mario/Che mashup tee got posted on BoingBoing, Kotaku and many other blogs! We sold out the first batch we had put up on Etsy, but weep you not! The next batch is available here, and we'll get more printed ASAP. We could order some baby tees as well. Just wish the picture we have up on Etsy wasn't so grungy...

¡Viva la Revolución!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you make the sizes larger (XXL) I'll be sure to buy one - it's a superb design

Blogger mike said...

have you got a bigger sized pic so I can use the Che/Mario pic as my wallpaper?

Blogger toybox said...

We'll be getting another batch of tshirts printed as soon as possible, and we can order larger sizes as well. We might have to up the price a bit for those if you don't mind, the print shop will charge us more for anything larger than XL.

As for wallpaper, I'll set up a page this week with downloadable wallpaper designs.

Thanks for your interest!

Blogger Billy said...

Awesome Idea. Congrats on the sales.

Blogger Alan said...

These shirts looks great. They would be even better with the slogan "Viva La Revolucion" printed in suitably revultionary font (e.g. that style that looks like it was "hand stamped").

Quick buying question - I would be interested in buying two to ship to UK. Would I have to pay £10 PER SHIRT for interenational shipping, or is this PER ORDER. If the latter, I would go for it, but if per shirt, it's too much for me unfortunately.

Blogger toybox said...

Hey Allan,

I got your email with the question and sent you a reply:

No, you don't have to pay the US$10 shipping twice. I don't know if Etsy will let you order two and not pay for the second shipping? Otherwise, what you can do is just order one via Etsy, and in the comment tell us you're ordering two, what size and colour, and send us another separate paypal transaction of US$15.

We have run out of some sizes/colours, but if you're willing to wait a week more: we're sending out another order to get shirts printed (also a couple in black), so just place your order and let us know what you want and we'll get it printed. We can also order larger sizes and babydoll tees, but these will cost more (if you're interested, I can get you pricing on that later today).

Anonymous Alberto said...

How about more color combinations?

A black or camo-style one would be great. You know, Olive...

Congratulations for the success!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long until Nintendo sues you?


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